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Mattarella, Draghi mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

Shoah shd be lesson, racism must be rooted out say pres and PM

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 27 - President Sergio Mattarella and Premier Mario Draghi marked Holocaust Remembrance Day Thursday with reminders that the Shoah should be a lesson for the future and racism should be continually fought.
    Mattarella said "Remembrance Day, which is celebrated around the world today, does not only mean we should remember the millions of dead, the grief and suffering of so many innocent victims, including many Italians.
    "But it urges us to prevent and combat, today and in the future, all germs of racism, antisemitism, discrimination and intolerance.
    "Starting with the school benches. Because knowledge, information and education play a fundamental role in promoting a just and solidarity-based society.
    "And, as recent events in the news attest, we must never let our guard down".
    Draghi said "today we remember the horror of antisemitism and we renew our collective commitment to combat all attempts to cancel its memory.
    "Remembering is a commitment for the present, a foundation for the future". (ANSA).


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