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FTSE Italia All-Share-0.26%-
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FTSE Italia STAR-0.42%-
FTSE MIB-0.30%-


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Dollaro australiano1.6412-
Dollaro canadese1.5655+
Dollaro di Hong Kong9.0691+


First woman to lead Swiss lab joins pontifical body

Pope Francis names CERN chief Gianotti to science academy

Pope Francis on Tuesday named CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Everyone's contribution needed says Francis

Don't just listen to pharmaceutical companies on COVID - Pope

Pope Francis warned leaders against consulting only pharmaceutical companies as they seek to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pope prays for Don Roberto Malgesini after 'martyrdom'

Pope Francis pays tribute to priest who was stabbed to death

Pope Francis on Wednesday paid tribute to Don Roberto Malgesini, a priest who was stabbed to death by a homeless foreign national with mental-health problems in Como on Tuesday.

Some taking advantage of situation to sow division says Francis

Too many partisan interests on COVID vaccine - Pope

There are too many partisan interests in the search for a COVID vaccine, Pope Francis said Wednesday. "We can only emerge from the crisis if we seek the common good together," Francis said.

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