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Summer: Autovie, in 2022 more vehicles but fewer accidents

Passages rose with the reopening of borders

14 September, 15:44
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 14 SET - More vehicles and more kilometers, but fewer accidents and traffic jams were recorded along Autovie Venete's highway network during summertime. Traffic during the 2022 summer exodus and counter-exodus exceeded pre-pandemic levels, but Karst fire emergency aside, there were no traffic jams on the A4 highway in 2019. These data emerge from Autovie's assessment, according to which the "credit goes to the opening of the third lane in the section between the Palmanova Node and Alvisopoli." In detail, 14,452,142 vehicles traveled on the highway between June and August, compared to 14,005,111 in 2021 and 14,231,335 in 2019. In July, vehicles traveled about 271 mln (about 258 mln in 2019). "This means - Autovie explained - that those who travel the network do so for longer distances. It is mainly the effect of the reopening of borders after the easing of pandemic measures. So foreign tourists coming from the Tarvisio border and heading to the coasts of the Northeast or the rest of Italy are back. But they are also Italian vacationers heading for the coasts of Slovenia and Croatia or mountain resorts." At the Latisana toll booth for beach destinations, exits increased, compared to 2019, in June by 16% and in July by 25%.

For foreign destinations, 1,036,777 exits were recorded at the Villesse and Redipuglia toll booths and the Lisert barrier in July, compared with 1,029,441 in 2019.

An accident rate of 19.7 per 100 million vehicle kilometers was recorded on the Autovie network between June and August, compared with 25.1 in 2019. There were 161 accidents (199 in 2019): of these, 43 had injuries (62 in 2019), and two were fatal (3 in 2019). (ANSA).

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