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Barcolana54: Gialuz, sea erases old 'iron curtain' borders

Environment protection now included in the Italian Constitution

08 October, 13:51
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 08 OTT - Trieste, "where the 'iron curtain' ran, now erases national boundaries thanks to the importance of the sea for the city, a space that is borderless". The president of the Società Velica Barcolana Grignano (SVBG), which is in charge of organizing Barcolana, the largest regatta in terms of enrolled boats, Mitja Gialuz told ANSA.

Gialuz stressed how sustainability, the core theme of this year's edition of the regatta, is in turn a topic which imposes "overcoming boundaries, both physical and mental, especially if we are to look at the world with the eyes of Gen-Z, a generation of 'native environmentalists'". Sustainability was also the key theme of Barcolana Sea Summit, the largest event organised on land in the ten-day festival.

"Sustainability also requires crossing national boundaries - Gialuz added - Only the European Union can enable us to put in place decisive actions on the environment. If each country does its own environmental policy we will not get to real results: we need to band together to build economic activities that do not harm the environment", he stated. An important development, in this respect is that "in Italy the environment is defended in the Constitution. This is something that was not widely discussed but it is a fundamental change in our state. Up to now the only limitation for businesses was harm to health, now it is also done by harm to the environment. It will be unconstitutional to do business that harms the environment, a crucial new development" Gialuz remarked in conclusion. (ANSA).

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