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Pnlegge: 600 guests and 300 events in 12 towns across Fvg

Book festival with authors from 14 to 18 September

06 September, 14:24
(ANSA) - PORDENONE, SEP 6 - About 596 guests and more than 300 events make up the program of the 23rd edition of pordenonelegge, from 14 to 18 September on stage in 29 locations in Pordenone and 12 towns of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with dozens of publishing premieres.

The organizers announced at the press conference presenting of the 'Book Festival with Authors,' promoted by the Pordenonelegge Foundation, chaired by Michelangelo Agrusti and curated by artistic directors Gian Mario Villalta, Alberto Garlini and Valentina Gasparet.

This year's festival, whose image is an ear of wheat, features the most vivid actuality and aims to rediscover the connection with the democratic roots of Europe. For this reason, it starts from the city of an unforgettable European 'spring,' Prague, which will be the scene of the preview on Thursday, Sept. 8 September at 6:30 p.m. in the Italian Cultural Institute of the Czech capital. The event is organized in collaboration with the IIC, the Czech Center of Milan, and Friulovest Banca. 'Prague Myth, Prague Reality. The crossroads of memory between history and literature is the focus of the dialogue between Italian writer Emanuele Trevi, author of "Prague 1990, the path of hope", and the executive director of the Library Václav Havel, Michael Žantovski', the former spokesman for President Vaclav Havel. In the year that shook up peace scenarios across Europe, pordenonelegge thus moved again in the footsteps of an experience crucial to the peoples of Europe, the reconquest of democracy and civil rights. (ANSA).

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