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    • 13:41
    • 20 Oct

    Eastern Europe to grow by 5.4% this year, more than expected

    WIIW, region will perform better than the Eurozone
    • 20:07
    • 27 Sep

    Germany's Social Democrats win but uncertainty beckons

    Scholz and Laschet scramble for coalition partners
    • 12:13
    • 27 Sep

    Scrum for chancellery as SPD takes lead

    Major parties aim at a ruling majority by Christmas
    • 11:02
    • 17 Sep

    US museum returns ancient Nazi-looted shield to Czechia

    The artwork was supposed to be an attraction at 'Führermuseum'
    • 19:07
    • 07 Sep

    Balkans: 19,000 died due to pollution from coal power plants

    Neighboring countries affected, Brussels should help phaseout
    • 16:24
    • 03 Sep

    Zaev, EU has an obligation to show enlargement is alive

    "Strategic failure" if negotiations are kept on hold, told Ansa
    • 11:15
    • 29 Aug

    Albania: PM Rama, our dream is the EU, whatever it will take

    Europe is a religion for us, told ANSA in an interview
    • 11:57
    • 17 Aug

    Hungary:Hegedus,Orban and me started liberal then he changed

    EU at risk if populists and nationalist leaders prevail