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Bosnia: documentary tells story about 'human safari'

Wealthy foreigners might have paid to shoot on civilians

31 August, 19:25
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, AUG 31 - According to a new documentary directed by Slovenian author Miran Zupanic, wealthy foreigners may have paid high fees to shoot at residents of besieged Sarajevo during the war. The feature documentary film 'Sarajevo Safari' (75 min, 2022) focuses on "the story of a human safari" that "has remained concealed from the public eye," the website of the ArsMedia production company reads. "Only a select few were aware that on the Serbian side, the siege of Sarajevo involved not only the Bosnian Serb Army, volunteers and mercenaries but also another, small and clandestine group," an unknown number of rich foreigners paying for shooting on civilians under siege, with the help of the Bosnian Serb army.


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