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    • 10:59
    • 29 set

    German Cartel Office gives go-ahead for JV Rheinmetall-Kyiv

    Authorization from other relevant agencies already applied
    • 11:14
    • 27 set

    Zelensky appoints Shevchenko as external advisor

    He is considered one of the best football players of all time
    • 13:17
    • 26 set

    Ukraine expects a positive EU positive response in October

    Up to members to open negotiations
    • 14:18
    • 23 set

    Italy should do more on the sanctions' implementation: Kyiv

    Constructive partner, but peculiarities on exports to Turkey
    • 19:42
    • 22 set

    Italy, Ukraine, Slovakia are working on a corridor for grain

    'Trieste could be the port of departure': Honorary consul
    • 15:21
    • 22 set

    Russia says Crimea naval HQ hit in missile attack

    Kyiv vows to recapture the Black Sea peninsula
    • 14:14
    • 22 set

    Kremlin says 'friction' between Ukraine, Europe 'inevitable'

    After escalating dispute with Poland
    • 18:26
    • 21 set

    Slovakia, Ukraine strike grain exports deal: Slovak ministry

    Ban will be lifted by the end of the year
    • 14:42
    • 21 set

    Germany to host Ukraine reconstruction talks next year

    Scholz's announcement following meeting with Zelensky
    • 09:32
    • 21 set

    Poland no longer arming Ukraine: Polish PM

    Warsaw has been one of Kyiv's staunchest supporters
    • 13:56
    • 20 set

    Zelensky tells world to stand against Russia 'genocide'

    Russia using both energy and food as a way to pressure the world
    • 16:01
    • 19 set

    Zelensky takes center-stage at UN summit

    World leaders gather for the General Assembly
    • 15:40
    • 19 set

    EU pushes to extend right for Ukrainians to stay to 2025

    Brussel triggered its temporary protection directive
    • 13:13
    • 19 set

    Cargo with grain leaves Ukrainian Black Sea port

    Kyiv last month announced a 'humanitarian corridor'
    • 18:24
    • 18 set

    Young musicians from central Europe on a tour across borders

    The Ceman Orchestra to perform in Trieste and Croatia
    • 17:02
    • 14 set

    Bulgaria lifts ban on Ukraine grain imports

    Parliament voted 124-69 on Thursday