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    • 16:00
    • 13 Oct

    Energy: CEE countries and France supporting nuclear power

    Media, letter to Commission on energy and climate neutrality
    • 12:37
    • 13 Oct

    Industrial production down by 1.6% in euro area in August

    Largest monthly decreases in Germany, Estonia, and Slovakia
    • 11:43
    • 16 Sep

    Marginal impact of pandemic on rail travel in Slovenia

    Also Bulgaria and Romania recorded small passenger decreases
    • 18:50
    • 14 Sep

    Pope calls for 'integration' in visit to Slovak Roma

    "Marginalising others accomplishes nothing"
    • 11:16
    • 14 Sep

    Pope to meet Slovak Roma in trip to impoverished region

    He has called for Europe to show "solidarity"