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Two Italian Ministers visit Kosovo and Serbia tomorrow

Crosetto and Tajani meet institutions to avoid escalation

21 November, 17:07
(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 21 - Italian ministers of defense and foreign affairs, Guido Crosetto and Antonio Tajani, will visit Kosovo and Serbia tomorrow.

They will meet with the institutions of the two countries to avert the degeneration of the so-called crisis of the number plates, which escalated earlier this month with the mass resignation of ethnic Serb Kosovars from Kosovo's institutions.

Italy in Kosovo is part of the Nato-Kfor mission, whose task is to ensure a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all citizens in Kosovo, as defined by a resolution of the United Nations Security Council in '99.

In Kosovo, Italy leads the mission in the western sector.

Since September 2013, the task has been continuously entrusted to an Italian general officer, except for a single Hungarian command (from October 2021 to October 2022).

Then, from October 10, 2022, the mission is again under Italian control and led by Division General Angelo Michele Ristuccia, the 13th Italian commander.

The contingent facilitates various activities and assists local institutions in consolidating stability in the region. All the activities of Civilian-Military Cooperation allow the completion of projects designed to improve the living conditions of Kosovar citizens and provide support to the local institutions.

With more than 700 military personnel from all armed forces, Italy has, among other countries, the most numerous military personnel deployed in Kosovo. The Carabinieri, on the other hand, who make up the 'Multinational Specialized Unit,' are entrusted with tasks of security, intelligence, and ready deployment in case of need, as well as support and training activities for the local security organizations. (ANSA).

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