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International dance project towards Gorizia-Nova Gorica 2025

"Go Towards," led and coordinated by Arearea Company (Udine)

05 November, 16:04
(ANSA) - UDINE, 05 NOV - An international project involving seven partners in Europe and worldwide, entitled "Go Towards," coordinated by the Arearea Contemporary Dance Company (Udine), has won the three-year "Boarding Pass Plus" call for ideas promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture, ahead of Nova Gorica-Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025.

Arearea will lead a project in which the language of dance becomes a socio-cultural vehicle of contamination and dialogue between different cultures. The call for ideas "Boarding Pass Plus" 2022-2023-2024 aimed to select some theater, dance, music, circus, and multidisciplinary projects to achieve goals related to internationalization processes through the comparison and exchange of artistic practices between Italian and foreign professionals.

Partners include three Italian contemporary dance companies, Abbondanza/Bertoni, AdArte, and Sanpapiè. "We are particularly proud of this result," explained Marta Bevilacqua and Roberto Cocconi, artistic directors of Arearea. "For us, it is particularly significant not only for the first place achieved but above all because 'Go Towards' was born from the artistic research shared with all the partners around the key themes in the cultural path of approach to Nova Gorica-Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025. The theme of cross-border culture is particularly close to our hearts." The Arearea-led network will also involve seven companies operating in as many countries: AREAL _ spatiu pentru dezvoltare choreografica (Romania), Derida Dance Center (Bulgaria), Machol Shalem Dance House (Israel), MN Dance Company (Slovenia), Improdancefest (Turkey), Cortocinesis Contemporary Dance (Colombia), and Lobo Festival (France). In addition, it will involve 26 artists seeking a cultural epicenter that challenges the concept of border. Thanks to its international network, the project's schedule envisages stages in Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Slovenia, Turkey, Colombia, France, and Italy. (ANSA).

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