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Social media: expert, based on images, less information

Panel at Economic Forum in Karpacz

09 September, 14:51
(ANSA) - KARPACZ, SEP 9 - "Social media have largely increased the role of images in political communication, leading to the hegemony of emotions in campaigns. As a result, information has been reduced to 'infotainment' and politics to 'politainment.' But, if everything is entertainment, what happens then to politics and journalism?" said journalist Alessio Postiglione, director of the Master's in Communications at Rome Business School, speaking at the panel on 'Politician or journalist: who has more power?" at the 31st Economic Forum in Karpacz, Poland. "We have moved - he explained - from a public sphere characterized by political-journalist confrontation to an infosphere that increasingly foregoes word-based reflection in favor of emotions linked to images. The success of Tik Tok and Instagram, i.e., video and images, compared to older, text-bound socials like Facebook, captures this trend." (ANSA).

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