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Silent-Film Festival, Ruritania showcase begins in 2022

Norma Talmadge is also among the guests

18 August, 13:49
(ANSA) - PORDENONE, 18 AGO - At the 41st edition of the Silent-Cinema Festival, at Pordenone's Teatro Verdi from October 1 to 8, the long-awaited "Ruritania" showcase will begin this year.

Numerous films in this selection come from many different countries and feature exciting events set in fictional kingdoms in the Balkans. This genre has already achieved substantial international popularity in literature, operetta, and cinema.

The showcase program also includes parodies featuring comedians such as Stan Laurel and Harold Lloyd and newsreels about authentic Balkan royal families.

The festival will also feature one of the silent era's most prominent American dramatic actresses, Norma Talmadge, now almost forgotten.

Thanks to the Library of Congress and Cohen Media collaboration, her most successful films, directed by renowned directors, will be screened in Pordenone, along with some of the comic roles she played mainly in her early career. (ANSA).

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